Sunday, January 20, 2008

Welcome to International Bacon Day

Bacon Day is open to every one. Vegetarians can have facon and religious objectors non-pork bacon, I suggest turkey or soy bacon.

Bacon Day is a day of Bacon... think Iron Chef but all day and the secret ingredient is Bacon. Breakfast traditionally consists of bacon waffles, with a side of bacon, and any other concoctions thought up. Throughout the day there are showings of Kevin Bacon movies and any other movies with leading roles given to pigs, e.g. Babe, Piglet's Big Adventure. Lunch must have BLTs and there are snacks around and slices of bacon everywhere. Dinner is a fight for your food quite literally. It is more a tasting of all things bacon and everyone wants a taste. Due to the vast quantities of bacon cooked, the grill outside is the best bet. If you are invited to a Bacon Day celebration, it is traditional to bring something to eat (of course containing bacon) which can be made there if the host allows, and drink (which may or may not include bacon).

The creator of Bacon Day is Seth. His friends helped put together the logistics and as we are starting to all move on from our grad student days, we plan to bring bacon day with us. This blog is to help spread, coordinate future bacon days, and share.

This blog is just getting started, so please be patient.


Anonymous said...

International Bacon Day is so EXCITING!!! I love bacon so much that I even celebrate Half-Bacon Day (that was March 5th this year!). today we shall play lots of games with bacon, like bacon-on-a-string, bobbing for bacon and pin the tail on the bacon and many more! when we are all done, we shall eat the bacon. YUMM! (signed, bacon-loving kid in Seattle)

Cochon de lait said...

We will be cooking a Cochon de lait in celebration of Bacon Day this year. Not technically bacon but then again it really is!!!! 35lbs of bacon goodness shoved into a cajun microwave. Yummy in me belly!

Internet Safety Queen said...

You made the news! International Bacon Day: America Goes Hog Wild for Bacon-Inspired Events

How much do you love Bacon?

Are you going to celebrate Bacon Day 2009?


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