Saturday, February 16, 2008

Bacon... What can be called bacon?

One way to get the bacon boys riled up is to tell them you're bringing bacon and come with Canadian bacon... something they classify as a wonderful pork product, but not bacon. So what makes bacon bacon? Is it the curing process, is it where it comes from on the pig, is it the smoking or is it all of these, or is it something else? I never really thought about what made bacon bacon, it was always there for me in the store or on my plate at breakfast, I guess I've always just taken bacon for granted. Here is a site though that defines the different types of bacon which I promise to learn. Let me pose the question to all you out there: "What makes bacon bacon"?

Alexa and the Bacon Boys


Mick Montgomery said...

Canadian Bacon is not Bacon... it's ham. What makes bacon, bacon? FAT pure and simple... delicious pork fat. It is good!

FYI- I plugged this blog on my own blog...

Alexa said...

Thanks for the plug, you have a great blog yourself, we'll add you to the list of links.

Speaking of pork fat, I found a mexican restaurant that has deep fried pork fat drippings. Maybe someday I'll try it, I'm sure it's delicious, but it might be too much for one person.

Anonymous said...

but considering the masses who thieve freely it means little if anything.
Recall the Coast Guard officers who were in In-N-Out eating burgers and stealing soda. And that was just the worst of examples. It happens EVERYDAY.

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