Sunday, August 24, 2008

Bacon today

I found this wonderful new bacon site called Bacon today. It has daily news on Bacon, now why don't newspapers pick this up as a daily column. I can just imagine it; waking up with bacon and eggs, maybe some orange juice (or a bloody mary garnished in bacon, what ever the morning calls for) with the newspaper reading about bacon. Is there a happier way to start the day? Maybe a bacon crossword puzzle.... Since the newspapers haven't jumped on this idea, they have an RSS feed, so as long as you have internet at home (or get the rss feed on you laptop before leaving work and then have the patience to wait until morning) you can have this wonderful experience.

If you are not convinced that they are a credible bacon news group just check out their explanation as to why they celebrate Bacon
Why Bacon?

If you have to ask “why bacon?” then we’re glad you’re here. Bacon Today was founded on the simple principal that a world of bacony goodness exists out there for all to discover and enjoy. Here’s what we believe:

The most versatile meat on the planet deserves some respect.
Breakfast is not the only meal for bacon.
Fashion, Art, Music…all industries seriously devoid of bacon.
Bacon is a treat for all the senses.
Frozen bacon should not be used as a weapon (although it happens).
As some folks have said — it’s the candy of meats!
Thanks for stopping by!

– Mr. B.

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