Saturday, August 30, 2008

Happy Bacon Day! 2008

Happy Bacon Day!!! I have to say that I was extremely touched by the Lords of Bacon's post the other day. Bacon Day isn't just about eating bacon, or even eating a whole lot of bacon... well maybe for some it is, but to the Lords of Bacon, it's a time to enjoy bacon with family.

Get off the computer, invite some friends over (or random people of the street who were lured by the smell of bacon), and make some bacon!

Alexa and the Bacon Boys


metalchick666 said...

Happy Bacon Day to yo and yours!

Xavier said...

This is bacon excellence! Too bad I didn't find this site earlier. Then people could've made some of this!

Alexa said...

Thank you all, I hope you are having a great Bacon Day! (or had one if you are closer to my part of the world.) Xavier, next year we'll have to make it for bloody Mary's in the morning.

Xavier said...

MMM! Bacon Bloody Marys! That might make my head a splode.

How much do you love Bacon?

Are you going to celebrate Bacon Day 2009?


Alltop. Seriously?! I got in?