Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Eating locally... More bacon in the News

I haven't seen any pigs running around newcastle, but Angela Soave from the BBC ate all local food for a week and even found some bacon to fit in there.

We have always loved and promoted Bacon wrapped Jalapeno poppers, and now a restaurant in Dallas has also found them to be hits.
From Pegasus news.

Executive Chef Don Diem developed the inventive American menu at The Boardroom, playfully naming each part of the menu with business terminology. The “Preliminary Discussions”, or appetizers, open the menu and include such standouts as: Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers with a fresh mango dipping sauce; the Take a Dip platter of fries and tobacco onion ringlets, with warm blue cheese and homemade ketchup; Pulled Chicken Mini Tacos with sweet corn and pineapple salsa and many more exiting appetizers to kick off an evening at The Boardroom.

On a not quiet so happy, but still tasty note, the News and Observer had a pig that they were following for 10 months to understand where the meat came from. The last story which involves the slaughter house is here. This set off a series of letters to the editor. One which stated that humans should eat "Bananas not Bacon", and one defending our bacon eating rights. An interesting story about how pigs become bacon, and an interesting conversation. Bacon wrapped bananas are fantastic. Don't believe me? Try them.


Alexa and the Bacon Boys

From Bacon Day '08, Boulder, CO

Bacon Wrapped Bananas from Boulder Bacon Day

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