Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Apple Apps store has Bacon

Yes, you can now get Bacon on your apple iPod Touch or iPhone. It is a news feed just for bacon. I have to say that after reading it, I do enjoy Bacon Today and the Royal Bacon Society Better for my sources of Bacon news. I do have to say though that I just got an iPod touch and I have had more problems with it then I ever thought possible. I can't get itunes to work correctly with my computer, a mac book I got earlier this year, and so when I finally got the iPod update downloaded and it started installing, it broke my iPod. It now needs to connect to the iTunes store so that I can set it back to the original settings, but I can't connect to the store to have set back... It's not worth any of the trouble if you ask me. When it was working I wanted to download the free Stanza application, but because I didn't want to give apple my credit card info, and I didn't have a gift card it wouldn't let me get the FREE application.

So I say stick with Bacon today, Royal bacon society, or us for your bacon news, and wait to by the newest iPhone or iPod until apple gets there act together. IF you already have one though, enjoy your bacon, and I hope you have had better luck then me.

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