Thursday, October 23, 2008

Bacon maybe not that bad

The Calgary Herald has a nice review and interview with the author of a new food facts book called The Science of Good Food: The ultimate reference on how cooking works . I know I like him since he has stated that crispy streaky bacon isn't as bad as it sounds.

"Sliced or streaky bacon is between one-half and two-thirds fat, which sounds alarming. However, most of that fat renders out, or melts, during cooking. Cooked bacon loses about 80 per cent of its raw weight (mostly fat and a small amount of water), which means a slice of crisply cooked bacon has only 35 calories, as opposed to 126 calories in a slice of raw bacon."

They also give a recipe for low fat brownies that I'm sure would taste great with bacon. My Dad tried the bacon and brownie idea the other day and was just a step behind the Bacon Today brownie article, great minds must think alike. We'll see if my Dad beats Bacon Today to the next big Bacon taste revolution.

Alexa and the Bacon Boys

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