Friday, October 3, 2008

The Church of Bacon

First there was the Flying Speghettie Monster, now I give you the church of Bacon. It's got to be true, it's on wikipedia.

According to Wikipedia
The Holy Church of Bacon [alternatively THCoB, CoB] aims to promote consumption of, and unfaltering love for, the holiest of holy foods: Bacon. We believe Bacon to be more worthy of nourishing the human body than any other food in existence. We abide by the Five Baconic Laws and live our lives in pursuit of the Bacony truth.

Anyone can join the church of bacon and climb up through the ranks.

They also have political views and a political party the Bacon party

They also have scientific interest

There is current research looking for the Hog particle.

he elusive Heggs Bacon (a.k.a. Hog particle) is the potential answer to all the problems faced with bacon-lovers across the world. Baconologists have been working day and night to find this awesome Bacon particle, some times referred to as the Hog particle. This is the key to proving that all bacon comes, not from the Hog Mother, but the Big Bacon.

Alexa and the Bacon Boys

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