Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Hold on to your bacon

As we have reported on in the past, bacon seems to be the international comfort food, and although the economy has become troubled, bacon sales have gone up. This has lead to an interesting problem, the price of all food has gone up including bacon, but bacon is our comfort food, thus people have started to steal bacon. What has the world come to when our bacon is no longer safe? According to Meat Info, Thieves in Lancashire are shoplifting bacon.

Staff at the Londis store in Trafalgar Street, Burnley have now removed bacon from the self-service counter. A sign above the freezer reads: “Due to the fact that our bacon is so delicious, the shoplifters can’t resist it. If you would like to try some, please ask at the tills.”

So hang on to your bacon, but if some one is in need of some comfort in these difficult times, think about sharing this wonderful meat. And before you go stealing some for yourself, maybe ask around if any one could spare a strip or two.

Alexa and the Bacon Boys

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