Thursday, October 16, 2008

My new past time or six degrees of Bacon

So my office mate and I were "collaborating" or in other words wasting time talking about stuff when he told me that his lab students had shown him this new past time. They take two subjects and try to find the least number of links between their wikipedia pages. I've now decided to play this with bacon. Can I get from any random wikipedia page to in 6 or less links. So for example today's featured article is

thus one path is

1. New York city
2. Bagel
3. Breakfast
4. Bacon

And remember you have to go to where the link takes you, not to the link you think is most appropriate (i.e. food in one article took you to the article food, another link for food takes you to Grocery)
Can any one find a quicker path?

Alexa and the Bacon Boys

starting here

Another idea is to do the same thing with I'm feeling lucky on google and have to follow links in the web pages to end up at a Bacon web site.

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