Friday, March 13, 2009

I want one of these!

I saw this New York times article about a vending machine in Italy which makes pizza and guess what one of the choices was, bacon. This made me drool a bit, and I remember a cartoon of a bacon vending machine, and thought the future is finally here. So I went hunting for that cartoon and googled "bacon vending machine" and guess what I found at baconbaconbacon, a bacon vending machine. I never did find that cartoon, but this is sooo much better. Where are these machines, and how can I get one?

Oh and one more thing, I think I remember as a kid Pizza Hut having a Badger State (that's WI if you didn't know) special which included sausage, mushroom, cheddar cheese, and bacon. Does any one know if this still exists? I'm really craving one, and think that the bacon community should petition Pizza Hut to sell it at all its locations so that I can get it out here in Oz.


Alexa and the Bacon Boys

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