Wednesday, April 22, 2009

An odd story

So I found this in my crawl of the web for all things bacon. A story about St. George (Which today is his day April 23rd apparently). According to the independent there is a politician trying to align himself with this saint.

So who is this George guy? Well according to the independent some sources say that he was a prominent Christian during the time when the Roman Empire was still pagan and died in 303 AD. The question then becomes, why am I writing about this on a bacon blog... well that's because there is another story to George that the independent reports

A very different story is told is Edward Gibbon's Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire, first published in 1787. He alleged that George was "an odious priest", a crook from Cappadocia who was chased out of Palestine for selling dodgy bacon to the army, and fled to Egypt, adopted a new and growing brand of Christianity called Arianism, used that to as a lever to get himself appointed Archbishop of Alexandria in place of the genuinely saintly Athanasius the Great, and instigated a reign of such "cruelty and avarice" that he was lynched by the outraged citizens. However, Gibbon may have confused him with a man with the same or a similar name, who also came from Cappadocia.

Apparently this rise in bacon crime isn't a new thing. It's been going on for centuries. Maybe the next venture that the bacon guys can come up with is a safe for your bacon, or a bacon alarm devise.


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