Thursday, April 16, 2009

Squeez Bacon

When I saw the google link to this site I was expecting a plush bacon toy (which would be really cool) that might smell of bacon (which would be extremely cool!). But instead I found this. I was so excited, I thought now there is one more reason to love Sweden, they have the Swedish Chef, iKia, and now Squeezable bacon. I clicked on buy this to see if they ship down under and I got this. It appears to be one of Think Geeks April fools day products (which shows you how long I've been offline sorry about that, but hey, the only thing keeping me from my PhD is a year or two of research and another bunch of writing). I think some one needs to pulverize a bunch of bacon bits, turn them into a squeezeable goo and truelly sell this thing. I want credit if anyone does what I mention above, and some royalties too. I'm on a grad students salery and it's in Aussie Dollars too. I need the dough to get back to the states for my bros wedding where I've even agreed to wear a dress and silver shoes. And no bacon in sight either. I'll have to make my own. Okay enough with the pitty party, I hope that you had a good laugh with this April fools joke.


Alexa and the Bacon boys
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