Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I've lapsed

I didn't get swine flu, but I did get a case of adviser wanting to see a program working that just wasn't cooperating. There have been quite a few big announcements. First off Will Work For Bacon. Apparently these guys have started a group on Face Book where people can pledge $10.00 to help them open a restaurant dedicated to bacon. Knowing how much bacon is used on Bacon Day I can't even begin to think about the quantities of bacon needed for an restaurant dedicated to bacon.

The Second big piece of news is once again from Rocco (he always has such great things going on). With the onset of Swine Flu he has T-shirts stating "I Survived Swine Flu" Part of the proceeds go to charity.You get two options, either The Brain Project, or The Student Operated Press Both great causes chosen by Rocco. He also has a link to suggest other charities as well. And as always Rocco has many great gifts, and with Mothers day around the corner, it's not a bad place to be looking. Get some Maple Bacon Pancakes for Mom, and make them for breakfast on Mother's Day. Or there is always his gift baskets.

On the topic of Charities, remember CHAPS With out them we would never had known about Bacon Boy. They do wonderful work with kids and can use all the help you can give.


Alexa and the Bacon Boys

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