Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Been Gone

Been gone, seen more of Oz, and had more bacon... on a secluded island. There is nothing better then a bacon and egg breakfast before a day of kayaking and snorkeling in the Coral Sea.

But now that the vacation is over, it's back to work and time to start preparing for Bacon Day 2009! First off if you need a bit of light reading about bacon check out Bacon Unwrapped's author Heather Lauer's new book "Bacon: a Love Story".

If you aren't sure where to get your bacon, or you want to try some specialty bacon, check out Rocco's Bacon Freak (He has another great bacon product rolling out that we will cover in a later post).

Need some Bacon Day Gear? That's all coming as well so keep an eye out of a post for that.

What about recipes? How can you have a whole day of eating bacon? That's the easy bit. We have a bunch of recipes here (check out the right hand side of the blog), but there are many other sites with bacon dishes. One of my favorites is The Bacon Show where they publish a new bacon recipe every day.

Enjoy and we'll have some more tips coming soon.

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