Sunday, July 26, 2009

Chicharrines from Royal Bacon Society

This sounds very interesting. I've had crackling, I have had pork rinds, I've had bacon flavored potato chips, but this sounds like something that needs to be tried.

According to Wikipedia
Chicharrón is popular in Andalusia, Spain, and in Latin America is part of the traditional cuisines of Argentina, Belize, Bolivia, Brazil (where it is called torresmo), Colombia, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Venezuela, and others. The singular form, chicharrón, is also used as a mass noun, especially in the Philippines where words do not have a pluralized form. They are usually made with different cuts of pork, but sometimes made with mutton. In Puerto Rico chicharrones are also made with chicken, in Argentina with beef, and in Peru with chicken or fish.
The pork rind type is the skin of the pork after it has been seasoned and deep fried. In Mexico they are eaten in a taco or gordita with salsa verde. In Latin America they are eaten alone as a snack, with cachapas, as a stuffing in arepas or pupusas, or as the meat portion of various stews and soups.

Nikas Culinaria Has a great recipe if you want to try making it your self. As the Royal Bacon Society points out, this is not technically bacon, but it might be a fun twist to add to the Bacon Day experience.


Alexa and the Bacon Boys

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