Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bacon Day Hints From Daily Pork

The Daily Pork has some great hints to planning and setting up your Bacon Day.

Remember all you need are the basics
1. Bacon (or bacon substitute)
2. Something to cook bacon
3. Something to drink with the bacon
4. Friends and/or family to help eat the bacon

If you want to get fancy you can throw a party like the Royal Bacon Society which includes everything from wine tasting with bacon (what they did last year) to bacon popcorn, bacon vodka and more.

Enjoy and share any helpful hints or fun Bacon Day activities!

Alexa and the Bacon Boys


MyLastBite said...

I'm making BACON ICE CREAM and it's SUPER EASY!

Alexa said...

This is great! Thanks so much for the recipe!

How much do you love Bacon?

Are you going to celebrate Bacon Day 2009?


Alltop. Seriously?! I got in?