Tuesday, August 25, 2009

get your bacon for Bacon Day

Bacon Day is less than two weeks away. Now for such a special day, some top-quality bacon might be in order. So of course there is only one place to go: Bacon Freak. If you really want to get something nice for that som one special, then you could splurge and get them a membership to the bacon of the month club. You could set the table with bacon place mats, or Fly a Bacon Pennant, or bring home the bacon to your bacon wallet at their fun stuff site. They have everything from Hickory Smoked Brown Sugar Cured Bacon to Smoked Jalapeno Bacon to Sun Dried Tomato Bacon. So go to Bacon Freak for all your Bacon Day needs




Bacon Chris said...

WOW! has it been a year already!! I have been distracted with my first born starting High School. I need to start promoting and planning.

Alexa said...

The time does fly. The Royal Bacon Society is already looking at next year as well! Congrats on the first born starting high school.

How much do you love Bacon?

Are you going to celebrate Bacon Day 2009?


Alltop. Seriously?! I got in?