Thursday, September 3, 2009

Another Party added

Here is an updated list with celebrations in 6 countries! Brazil was just added.

Update on Netherlands Bacon Day: Reinout just found a sponsor, the biological butcher from Utrecht. I'm not sure that this is the right Biological Butcher from Utrecht, so let me kno wif I have the wrong link.

Also a confirmation about Bacon Day in Toronto.

0.1 - Plsen, Czech Republic - This is the birth place of pilsner style of beer, aka lager. Just think about one of the best combinations.

0.2 Belo Horizonte Brazil - They are having two symmetrical dinners in two different cities. One with bacon chicken wings, and another in "belô" are having bacon strawberry cream, with hot fudge delight. MMMM that sounds delicious.

1. In Australia - I think we might be the first (one in Newcastle and possibly one in Sydney unless there are more that I don't know about), thanks to our location to the dateline, but let us know if you think you might beat us... Any Kiwis out there celebrating?

2. Boulder CO - There are a couple, but one of them is going to be a week late due to a grant review. It's a shame when things like a real job get in the way of Bacon. (I've also heard that Tee and Cakes might be doing something, so more when I learn more.)

3. Chicago IL - Two of the Bacon Boys, Seth and Evan, will be doing an interview with Nick Digilio on WGN They do stream live, so listen in. The Boys should be on at around 10:30 CT (so that's GMT -5:00).

4. The Netherlands - And this sounds like it is going to be a BIG one! I can't wait to hear more about what Reinout has planned.

5. Santa Barbara CA - Of course we can't forget our good friends at the Royal Bacon Society With out them, I doubt that Bacon Day would be any where as close to big as it seems to have gotten.

6. The Tampa Tribune FL - They are going to share photos with us hopefully! We need photos for the photo of the week if you haven't noticed. I've made sure to invite all my photography buddies hoping that they'll let us use a few, all for the good of bacon of course.

7. Boston MA - Seth just moved there, like Mon. So if you are in the city and smell bacon cooking, stop by and say "Hi, is this Bacon Day?" You might get a strange look, but I'd love to hear about his reaction!

8. Philadelphia PA - Social knitworking is doing a Drunken Bacon Podcast Brunch.

9. Assuming Toronto - They did put us in the article. Also we just got confirmation from Justin about a Bacon Day Party in Toronto.

10. Grinnell IA - A good friend of ours.

11. Portland OR - The 1st International Bacon Boy day of Art and Bacon Festival

12. LA CA - Sixteen Degrees of Craving Bacon - I bet they are throwing a party...

Any that we have missed?


Alexa and the Bacon Boys


Ross said...

Although I am not having a party as I am working, I am making it my mission to eat bacon at every meal today! I am also greeting all of my customers at the Optometrist where I work, with "Happy International Bacon Day!!!"

Reinout said...

Wrong one its this one.

I hope it stays dry its gonna start in like 2 hours.

Alexa said...

Thanks Ross, I think that's great! Sorry Reinout, I've changed the link!

How much do you love Bacon?

Are you going to celebrate Bacon Day 2009?


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