Monday, January 5, 2009

Bacon Day is getting around.

So the other day one of the Bacon Boys was at a party (some times they do come out of their labs) and was talking to a friend and lover of Bacon Day, Jake. Apparenty his brother had stumbeld onto our little site and was so excited to spread the word of bacon (Thanks by the way Jake's brother for the shout out). He couldn't belive though that his brother would know us and have participated in the past. So Jake's Brother, I hope you are a regulare to our site (here's a blatent plug for our new rss feed up in the right hand corner) and just so you know, we do know Jake, He has attended bacon days in the past (and hopefully in the future as well), they even brought their dog and some great dishes.

On another note, I was looking though all the sites that we've gotten visiters from and I came across this guy at I didn't see where the link was, but I just wanted to say that I grew up next to Cadott as well. I tell you bacon connects us all and makes the world seem much smaller.

Has any one else found these wierd connections though bacon?


Alexa and the Bacon Boys

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