Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Bacon Healthy? part 2

Okay I know, Bacon Day is not exactly about healthy eating, so why all these Healthy Bacon posts? I have a friend who found out he has high cholesterol and is worried that he will never be able to eat bacon again, or truly enjoy Bacon Day. Thus I am on a mission to find healthy bacon. Thus, this dream of bacon that is good for you might not be a dream after all and could be a reality soon. Slash food has an article stating that American researchers have found a way to clone pigs that produce their own Omega - 3 Fatty acids. This I believe is the same type of fat found in fish oil, the kind that is suppose to be good for you (wikipedia's entry on Omega-3 fatty acids). You can also find an article and news report at NPR, ah I love NPR, I wish the NPR show Good Food would interview us and spread the word of Bacon Day and some of the Dishes that have come out of it... But I've side tracked. Apparently the researchers are worried that it wouldn't have the same affect as the fish oil, and that consumers would not want to eat genetically designed pigs. I say bring on the healthy bacon, just think, this means that in the future the best dish for you may be tuna wrapped in bacon with a twist of lemon. mmm I'm drooling already.


Alexa and the Bacon Boys

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