Saturday, August 29, 2009

My Brothers Wedding & 1 week to Bacon Day

So today my younger brother is getting married. I'm glad they didn't choose next weekend as I don't think they are going to have bacon. So now that the wedding (will be probably by the time you read this or soon after) is done, the bacon day planning/setup can truly begin. So what do I plan to get? Lots of bacon! Although I have no idea what all my guests are bringing, this is what I'm planning on making so far.

Breakfast - The bacon and eggs in a muffin tin (they are my favorite!)

Lunch - not entirely sure yet but I think it might have to be a variation on the BLT

Afternoon snack - The Bacon-wrapped Jalapenos and Bacon Pops.

Dinner - Bacon-wrapped figs, Bacon Sushi, and I think I might have to try the Bacon Fondue

What do you all have planned?


Alexa and the Bacon Boys

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