Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A look Back on Bacon in '08

Of course there is out first blog post on bacon... and although we are not the biggest (or even best although we like to think so) bacon blog out there or even the first bacon festival (we aren't even close, but again we like to think we are the best), we like to think that we have added something to the on line bacon community.

We found Bacon Utopia in Denmark.

Saw many crazy and inventive ways to use bacon like the Bacon Bra

We met Austin the Bacon Boy who continues to live on through his art work (Check out the link to get a bacon boy t-shirt and help contribute to CHAP).

Science discovered a formula for the perfect bacon sandwich.

We had a Bacon Day which covered both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres for the first time and even saw it's first Bacon and wine tasting party ( I love this idea!)

This year bacon became so big that there is even a church of Bacon

Along with the financial crisis, we saw an increase in bacon related crimes (remember use bacon for good not evil!)

And to round out the year, we found a place that has free (yes free) bacon, what could be better?

Enjoy and here is hoping that 2009 holds more bacon and bacon stories.

Alexa and the Bacon Boys.

P.S. What do you think were the highlights for bacon in 2008? Any predictions of bacon in 2009?

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